A family legacy


Since the 19th century, the Janoueix family has fallen in love with the Bordeaux wines. Indeed, in 1898, Jean Janoueix, Pierre-Emmanuel’s great-grandfather, decided to start to trade wine. He moved to Bordeaux and set up as a wine merchant.
During the twenties, the Janoueix family began to buy vineyards because her purpose was to combine wine production with wine marketing.

François Janoueix, Pierre-Emmanuel’s grand-father, fell in love with Chateau La Bastienne: he was convinced that this terroir was (and still is) able to produce a typical great wine of Montagne Saint-Emilion.

Pierre, François’s eldest son and Pierre-Emmanuel’s father, created in the sixties Chateau Grands Sillons Gabachot which was renamed Chateau Pierhem. He played a crucial role in his family as he contribuated to the introduction and the marketing of the Janoueix’s wines in Normandy Region. Moreover, he met his wife Antoinette over there. From this wedding was born their only child Pierre-Emmanuel.

Pierre-Emmanuel, "the most Normand Bordeaux winemaker"

grew up in Normandy and studied as an electronic engenieer in Paris. Then, he decided to make a big change in his life. His father had always hoped that his son would have become a wine merchant. In one way his dream came true: in 2000 Pierre-Emmanuel started to work as a wine producer.
Pierre-Emmanuel is a perfectionist man who works very hard to improve his wines quality. He has renovated both the vineyards and wineries. His estate is labelled as “High Environmetal Value”. He only bottles his wines when he is proud of its quality. “Roundness, well-balanced, powerful and fruity: this is the way he wants to perpetuate the great renown of Bordeaux wines.